Inovatívne zdravotnícke pomôcky a výživové doplnky

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About us

We maintain our position on Slovak pharmaceutical market with high quality natural products, customer service and a interest to innovate.

The company lunomedic s.r.o. deals with the sale of innovative medical devices and food supplements from renowned foreign manufacturers and also Slovak manufacturers, which are produced under strict criteria.

Our effort is to bring the best that nature has to offer for your healthy lifestyle – the content of proven active ingredients, the right dosage and the appropriate dosage form. Our qualified staff is in constant contact with doctors and pharmacies in individual regions – they organize seminars.


Lunomedic, s.r.o. is a company providing pharmaceutical companies with outsourcing of medical representatives respectively complete sales teams. This means a comprehensive solution for the operation and functioning system of the sales team. We offer our business partners a high quality implementation of pharmaceutical preparations and ensure their constant growth on Slovak pharmaceutical market.

Why to coorperate with usHow can we help you?

Our many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry allow us to provide our partners with professional representation and sales support for entrusted products.

Would you like to coorperate with us? Call the number +421 908 963 918

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