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Peptide-based joint injection

no more joint pain thanks to a knee injection


Peptide-based joint injection

no more joint pain thanks to a knee injection

for eye protection

natural - based products

OCUVERS eye sprays with liposome as a natural alternative of the eye drops woth simple application. Food supplement Eagleeyelutein will ensure support to increase eye protection functions.
balíček produktov na oči


double influence - double effect

Propomucil products will help you to get rid of mucus from your lungs and make possibility to start breathing normally! Natural - based, 100% safe and clinically tested!

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Innovative products

Products – improving your immunity and contributing to protection against COVID-19.


Peptide-based joint injection

Natural-based products for the eyesight

Reliable care for your eyes
ocne kvapky ocuvers lipostamin

Products against a cough PropoMucil®


Peptide-based joint injection


Peptide-based joint injection

Package EagleEye 3+1 free

cenovo vyhodny balicek 5ks EAGLE EYE LUTEIN 20 Vision Caps vyzivoveho doplnku pre oci

Package Ocuvers

balíček produktov na oči

Lunomedic s.r.o. is the company intended on the sale of the innovative medical products and food supplements produced under the strict conditions and supplied from the reputable Slovak and foreign producers. We offer the quality of the natural-based ingredients with a high content of the active substances. In our products there are used the extracts of the of the highest quality sources that provide the best quality for you.

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