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Products for your eyesight

Innovative products for your eyesight


reliable care for your eyes
ocne kvapky ocuvers lipostamin

Eagle Eye Lutein

is contributing to maintain a good condition of the eyesight
vyzivvoy doplnok pre oci EAGLE EYE LUTEIN 20 Vision Caps


reliable care for your eyes

We offer favourite supplements for your eyesight that are specified by the simple application and high level of protection.

  • Ocuvers Spray lipostamine – possible to use also for allergies
  • Ocuvers spray hyaluron
  • Ocuvers Drops B5
  • Ocuvers Drops Gel
  • Ocuvers Drops RELIEF

Eagle Eye Lutein

Food supplement with the contents of lutein, zeaxanthin, microelements and vitamins

  • It contains 20 mg of free lutein
  • Vitamin B-complex Selenium, honey, zinc
  • Q10 coenzyme and pantothenic acid
  • Recommended dosage: 1 capsule per day
vyzivvoy doplnok pre oci EAGLE EYE LUTEIN 20 Vision Caps

Lunomedic s.r.o. is the company intended on the sale of the innovative medical products and food supplements produced under the strict conditions and supplied from the reputable Slovak and foreign producers. We offer the quality of the natural-based ingredients with a high content of the active substances. In our products there are used the extracts of the of the highest quality sources that provide the best quality for you.

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