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Long-acting lubrication and protection of the joint

Genu Vida

genu vida


The product is intended for the professional public - orthopedists and sports doctors. More information can be found at

Genu Vida

Sodium Hyaluronate Injection 1% w/v – GenuVida 1%

Sodium Hyaluronate Injection 1% w/v – GenuVida 1%, Osteoarthritis affects up to 10% of the elderly population. The condition is frequently treated by intra-articular injection of Sodium Hyaluronate – GenuVida 1% occurs naturally in high concentrations in joint cartilage and in joint fluid, where it protects and lubricates the joint. GenuVida 1% replaces the Hyaluronic Acid that exists naturally in joint fluid and so acts as a painkiller and lubricant.

  • Long-acting lubrication and protection of the joint
  • 100% biocompatible
  • Preservative-free
  • Imported EP Grade API
  • No Refrigeration required – Stored at room temperature (2-25oC)
genu vida
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