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Liposomal Vitamin C Askolip 1000mg

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vyhody lipozomalneho vitaminu C

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benefity pre zakaznikov lunomedic

Support your immunity by vitamin C that is not of any kind but this is liposomal vitamin C. Have you ever heard of it?

What would you say if vitamin C was in your body for twice as long? Or if its concentration in the blood was 70% higher than usual?

What is the secret of liposomal vitamin C free of sugar, GMO and gluten?

This is the so-called liposomal vitamin C produced by the unique and patented LIPOSHELL technology.
LIPOSHELL liposomes are like a “courier” in the body. They are able to tie up vitamin C itself and transport it into the blood. By wrapping vitamin C itself, the liposomes will provide:

  • Concentration of vitamin C in the blood higher of 70%
  • Double extension of vitamin retention in the blood circulation
  • Transport of vitamin C into the cells in UNCHANGED form
vyhody vitaminu C
Lipozomálny vitamin D vyhody
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