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Liposomal Vitamin D Vita-D-lip 4000IU

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vyhody lipozomalneho vitaminu D

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benefity pre zakaznikov lunomedic

In terms of human nutrition vitamins D2 and D3 play the most important role. In human body these vitamins can be produced by the sunlight influence (D3) or supplied together with a meal (vitamins D2 a D3).

Lack of vitamin D is a global problem.

Epidemiologic studies have proven that deficit of this vitamin is present in the all age groups.

The most common reason of the lack of vitamin D is a lack of exposing to the sunlight due to lifestyle (work in the interiors) as so as some fear of exposure to the sun and using the cosmetics with UV filters.

But what makes Vita-D-Lip unique?

This is so-called liposomal vitamin D produced by the unique and patented LIPOSHELL technology.
LIPOSHELL liposomes are like a “courier” in the body. They are able to tie up vitamin D itself and transport it into the blood and consequently into the muscles and organs. By wrapping vitamin D itself, the liposomes will provide:

  • High quality of vitamin D
  • Long time and stabile closure of vitamin D
  • Releasing the proper volume of vitamin D
  • Simple absorption and transport

This product is intended for the adults. In the case you would like to support the immunity of your children then take Vita-D-lip 1000 IU

vyhody vitaminu D pre ludsky organizmus
Lipozomálny vitamin D vyhody
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