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Ocuvers drops Relief

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vyhody Ocuvers Drops Relief

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Why Ocuvers drops Relief should not be missing at your home?

  • Thanks to the content of electrolytes this preparation is able to supplement the tear layer.
  • It has preventive effects against the eye inflammations.
  • Thanks to 0,21% hyaluronic acid it is useful in the case of dry eye syndrome.
  • Free of preservative ingredients, possible to use during 6 months from opening

Ocuvers Drops Relief – this is 360 drops to palliate your eyes.

Eye drops with the content of 0,21% hyaluronic acid

Dosage, method and time of use:

In the case you need to apply more than 10 drops per day it is necessary to contact your ophthalmologist or optician. Ocuvers Drops Relief can be used 6 months after the first opening. When applying Ocuvers Drops Relief do not bow your head back.


Ocuvers drops Relief – the viscous, comfortable solution free of any preservative ingredients added, intended on the eye lubrication and moisturizing. These drops have been developed for regeneration of natural moisture in the eye that avoids to symptoms of dry eye, such as burning, tearing and tired eyes and the feeling of so-called foreign body presence in the eye. Ocuvers drops Relief can be used together with contact lenses of any type and material.

Do you want to save?

Buy a discounted package of the eye drops Ocuvers drops Relief containing 3 pcs in the package and you can save 6 €.

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