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PACKAGE: 4pcs PropoMucil – Nasal spray

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benefity pre zakaznikov lunomedic

Medical device bringing an innovative method to suppress rhinitis and cold that is helpful to release mucus from the airways.

It cleans the nasal cavity and eliminates mucus sediments from the nasal passages and by this way it makes your breathing easier.

This product is recommended in the cases of:

  • Inflammation of the nasal mucosa
  • Runny nose and strongly clogged nose
  • Infection of the upper respiratory tract
  • This product is able to avoid rhinitis
  • Eye inflammations

Propomucil contains the active substance N-acetyleine and in combination with propolis it is helpful in decreasing the symptoms of the otitis media or allergic rhinitis in children.

In Serbia a study was realised in the case of 55 children in the age 3 – 17 years. After a month the following results have been proven:

  • 80% runny nose decrease
  • 84% patients felt nose release
  • Feeling of the itch nose was reduced in the case of 54% pediatric patients
  • 69% improvement in the cases of impaired hearing that was initially occurred
  • Even 84 patients felt a significant suppression of cough

The all improvements of the health conditions were occurred without any side effects.

Now you can get it in a convenient package of 4 pieces not for 30 € as if you paid separately but only for 24 €.

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