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PACKAGE Ocuvers Drops B5 3pcs

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Eye drops Ocuvers Drops B5 stimulate and support the cornea regeneration (provitamin B5) and stabilize a tear layer (Hydraflex). In the case that your eyes are irritated due to the environmental influences – take the Ocuvers Drops B5

Eye drops Ocuvers Drops B5 are recommended:

  • After injuries
  • Irritation due to contact lenses application
  • Intensive work in front of monitor
  • Long-time ride by car or by other motor vehicle
  • Air conditioning, wind, air pollution, water in the basins, etc

Ocuvers drops B5 is a sterile, viscous and moisturizing nutritive solution for the irritated eyes

Ocuvers drops B5 – eye drops with provitamin B5

Content: 3 x 15ml

Active substances: Dexpanthenol 2%, Hydraflex™ 0,5%
Preservative ingredients: Polyhexanide (PHMB) 0,0001% (15 ml bottle).

Ocuvers drops B5 is applied directly into the opened eye. It can be used without any limitation. A bottle can be used in the period of two months from its opening.

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