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PACKAGE Ocuvers spray – hyaluron 3pcs

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Ocuvers Spray hyaluron – An alternative of the eye drops.

Content: 3 x 15ml

400 mg phospholipids, 100 mg of sodium salt of hayluronic acid, isotonic solution, borate with balanced value of pH7,2

Spray for the closed eyes. Ocuvers spray is designed for slow absorption onto the eye surface. Let your eyelid to be closed a hold this spray in distance of 10 cm from your eye. Do not spray directly into the eye! At the first using it is necessary to pump it several times to be filled. Spray it one or two times onto each eyelid. Application can be repeated also several times per day according to your needs.

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TEAR LAYER FUNCTION – In the blink of an eye the tear liquid is evenly spreading through the eye. By means of this function the eye is able to moisturize and create the protective tear layer. By this way the front layers of the cornea are nourished and visual acuity is ensured. By regular splashing it is possible to avoid the infections occurrence.

Ocuvers Spray hyaluron does not contain ethanol, it is quickly absorbable and without odour. It is suitable for all types of contact lenses.

Free of preservative ingredients, after opening it is possible to use up to 2 years. The expiration time is three times longer compared to commonly used drops.

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