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PACKAGE Ocuvers spray – lipostamin 3pcs

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Ocuvers Spray lipostamin – An alternative of the eye drops.

It is proven that the effects of this product are faster and more effective compared to commonly used eye drops.

Why should Ocuvers spray lipostamin not be missing in your home first aid kit?

  • It creates a protective layer on your eyelid eliminating swelling of the eyelid
  • This product has an ability to capture pollen and allergens preventing them to penetrate into your eyes
  • Suitable for the children and new-borns. By this way of use children are not traumatized by application into the eyes
  • Thanks to lipids presence the effects of the active substances are much longer and effective compared to commonly used eye allergy drops
  • Expiration time is 3 times longer compared to commonly used drops 
  • Free of preservative ingredients and despite this the expiration time is 2 years
  • Ideal to use in the morning and in the evening after hygiene

USAGE – Compared to common eye drops use of this product is very simple. Spray just splash directly into the inner corner of the closed eye from the distance of 10 cm. After this application it is necessary to blink by the eye several times. This enables penetration of liposomes into the eye edge. In contact of the substance with the eye an artificial tear layer will spread onto the eye surface. Application is possible to repeat several times per day. By regular application a thin protection layer is created.

This layer protects the eye surface from allergenic substances and reduces irritation.

Free of preservative ingredients, after opening it is possible to use up to 2 years. The expiration time is three times longer compared to commonly used drops.

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