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PACKAGE Vitaglucan Syrup 5pcs

Body za produkt:5Points

43.00  s DPH

výhody vyzivoveho doplnku Vitaglucan pre deti balicek

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benefity pre zakaznikov lunomedic

Do your children attack viruses and often get sick? Support their immunity. Give their body a harmonious and balanced mixture of vitamin C produced of rose hips and active glucan contained in oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) cultivated in Slovakia.

Take Vitaglucan for children. This product contributes to normal functions of the immune and nervous system. It is helpful in production of extra important collagen and supports proper functions of the vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth that is necessary for development of the children.

Thanks to the cost-effective package, you will save € 5.5 and have FREE shipping. This package of 5 pieces is enough for about 4 months.

Method of use – it is possible to use directly or in a drink. Take half an hour before meals.

Important instruments – before each use it is necessary to shake the bottle because betagluken is insoluble. Possible sediment has not any impact on the product quality. Expiration date of unopened bottle is written on the cartoon and on the bottle cap.

Warning – Do not increase recommended daily dose (although this preparation does not pose any health risk in the case of increased daily dose, still do not increase daily dose). Food supplement must not be used as a replacement of varied food. Maintain out of reach of children. Unsuitable for the children up to 3 years. Consume until 1 month after the first opening. After opening store this product in the refrigerator at the temperature from 2 °C up to 8 °C.

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