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PropoMucil Syrup

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Use of PropoMucil ®

  • Fast dissolution and mucus elimination
  • Elimination of bacteria, viruses and moulds from the airways
  • It reduces inflammation of the upper and lower airways
  • It reduces a pain and hoarseness
  • It improves immunity
  • It protects from repeatable flu and common cold

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benefity pre zakaznikov lunomedic

Customer experience with Propomucil products

Food supplement Herbiko® PropoMucil® contains double combination of N-acetylcystenine and standardized propolis extract.
Thanks to its structure with the contents of hibiscus, propolis, root of common evening-primrose, honey and mint it is recommended in a form of food supplement for children during cold and winter season.
The ingredients are 100% – natural-based free of allergens that make possibility of long-time usage

PropoMucil – thanks to its innovative structure has double effect and double influence.

Propolis is fighting against viruses, bacteria and moulds present in the airways. It is a strong antioxidant and immune stimulant improving immunity and eliminating oxidative stress. Propolis has also the antiseptic and anesthetic effect eliminating pain during illness and regenerating mucous membrane of the mouth.

N-acetylcystenine dissolves and releases mucus from the airways. It is used in the cases of the acute and chronic airways inflammations with production of the thick viscous secretions. N-acetylcystenine influences as antioxidant substance protecting the cells of respiratory tract.

Product is not suitable for the persons with allergies to one or more ingredients and the persons with asthma, acute obstructive laryngitis, gastritis and gallstones. Use of this product is not recommended to the pregnant and breastfeeding women and children younger than 3 years. Using antibiotics is recommended at least 2 hours before using PropoMucil.
Do not increase recommended daily dosage. Maintain in the tightly closed cover, on dry place at the temperature up to 25 °C. Maintain out of reach of children. Protect from light. Consume until 15 days from opening.

Active substances:
Eucalyptusglobulus (eucalyptus), Hibiscussabdariffa (hibiscus), honey (bee), Menthapiperita (mint), Oenotherabiennis (common evening-primrose), propolis

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