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We are the manufacturer of Viscoelastic Solutions, irrigation Solutions, Surgical Instruments, Disposables for Ophthalmic surgical procedures, sterile Solutions for Intra-articular Use and Dermal Fillers for skin augmentation following the countineus equation of Research and Development in the Medical Device industries.

Blue rhexis

Brand name : Blue Rhexis
Generic Name : trypan blue ophthalmic solutionPack  : injection and Pfs (0.6mg)manufucter : care Group
Use : Blue Rhexis is a vital dye, used to visualize the capsulorhexis during cataract surgery in the absence of red fundus reflex. It stains the anterior lens capsule offering excellent visualization in eyes with mature cataract. Trypan Blue is a sterile preparation in an isotonic, buffered vehicle.


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