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PropoMucil double influence – double effect

PropoMucil products contain the special double combination of N- acetylcystenine and standardized extract of propolis- Ingredients are 100% natural and free of allergens.

Thanks to this innovative composition this product has double effect

  • Propolis is fighting against viruses and bacteria and moulds present in the airways
  • N-acetylcystenine is able of fast dissolution and releasing the mucus from the airways
PropoMucil is perfect for the treatment of flu, the airways infections and inflammation of the nasal and frontal sinuses.

Whoever did not try PropoMucil still suffocated by coughing!

The information from our cataloguePropoMucil ® products


Read the professional study on PropoMucil positive effects

Cleaned propolis – free of allergens!

PropoMucil ® contains cleaned propolis produced and refined by means of innovative techniques.

It is helpful for normal breathing

PropoMucil ® products will help you to get rid of mucus from your lungs and make possibility to start breathing normally.

Natural-based product

PropoMucil ® is produced exclusively from the natural-based sources and its usage is 100% safe, without any side effects! Thanks to its natural form it is suitable for long-time usage.

Use of PropoMucil ®
  1. Fast dissolution and mucus elimination
  2. Elimination of bacteria, viruses and moulds from the airways
  3. It reduces inflammation of the upper and lower airways
  4. It reduces a pain and hoarseness
  5. It improves immunity
  6. It protects from repeatable flu and common cold

What are the fields of use?PropoMucil ® is recommended for:

All people with the acute and / or chronic bronchitis

For the smokers

All persons with increased secretion in the airways

At the acute and chronic cough

All persons suffered from the airways infection (the upper and lower airways)

All persons with the symptoms of flu and common cold

Children with inflammation of the tympanum

All persons suffered from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

PropoMucil ® is the only product containing natural propolis produced and cleaned by the innovative methods and with contents of purely natural N-acetylcystenine that makes possibility to dissolve and eliminate mucus.

The information from our cataloguePropoMucil ® products

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