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Vitaglucan – special therapy

Active glucan

Chemical properties of our β-glucan

Polysaccharide = basic structural unit – glucose connected by 1, 6 and 1, 3 bonds
Source of our Glucan: Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom) – degree of branching of the molecule 0,25 (generally it is known that the best biological activity is reached by glucans with the degree of branching in the range of 0,20-0,33 [1]

Properties resulting from the structure of β-glucan

In the case of 1→3 β-glucans various biological, immunomodulatory and immunopharmacological effects were monitored [1][2]

Branched structure – (1-3, 1-6) – solubility in water is nominating

Insoluble portion can contain a small part of chitin as an inseparable part of chitin-glucan complex [3]

[1]VELÍŠEK, J. Chemiepotravin1. 2. upr. vyd. Tábor : OSSIS, 2002. 344 s. ISBN 80-86659-00-3.
[2]ZEKOVIC, DjordjeB, etal.NaturalandModified (1→3)-β-D-Glucansin HealthPromotionandDiseaseAlleviation. CriticalReviewsinBiotechnology, 2005, roč.25, č.4, s.205-231.
[3]SYNYTSYA,A., MÍČKOVÁ,K., SYNYTSYA,A.,JABLONSKÝ, I.,SPĚVÁČEK, J.,ERBAN, V.,KOVAŘÍKOVÁ, E.,ČOPÍKOVÁ,J. 2008. GlucansfromfruitbodiesofcultivatedmushroomsPleurotusostreatusandPleurotuseryngii: Structure and potentialprebioticactivity, In Carbohydratepolymers, Vol.76, č.4, s.548-556.

Exceptionality of the processing technology

Extraction at low temperature by the patented technology → perceiving the thermolabile substances

Releasing not only β-glucan, but also α-glucan

Micronized – for better absorption and transport through the blood circulation (*it is possible to see also occurrence of larger particles not absorbed but occurred in the digestive tract in a form of insoluble dietary fibre (natural probiotic)


Particle reduction process
Size of the absorbable glucan through the small intestinal mucosa must be up to 60 μm to enable its transport into the blood circulation.
At present in our company micronization at 36 μm and less is also tested.


Transport through the mucosa into the blood circulation

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