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Innovative liposomal vitamins let forget about commonly used vitamins C and D in the powder or tablet form, thanks to their extra effective absorbability. While the vitamin forms used up to now has absorption efficiency only 20%, so liposomal form can reach even 90%.

In the same time these vitamin forms do not burden the digestive tract and liver. There is a new way to transport vitamin into the body – through liposomes; they are “the bubbles” wrapping the vitamin safely and transporting it into the blood.

This effective transport is resulting in higher vitamin concentration in the body – up to 70%. Except of the concentration, there is also very important the time of the vitamin retention in the body. Based on the scientific studies it was proven that our vitamins “stay in our body” twice as long.

Forget about commonly used C and D vitamins. Use the vitamins really effective and give to your body higher and long lasting dose of vitamins in the price from 0,27 € per day.


Food supplement - Liposomal vitamin C

BETTER VITAMIN C: very good absorption of vitamin C, double extension of vitamin C presence in the blood circulation, obtaining about 70% higher concentration of vitamin C in the blood, transport of vitamin C into the cells in an unchanged form.


Food supplement - Liposomal vitamin D

NOT ONLY WHEN THE SUN IS MISSING: high quality of vitamin D, proper amount of vitamin D, easier vitamin D penetration into the organs and tissues, easier absorption of vitamin D, transport and easier penetration into the organs and tissues.